Sullivan County Residents

These are the membership rates for 2015. You can purchase a membership at anytime.


Single Individual


$979 p/year

Husband and Wife


$219 p/year


17 years old and below

$369 p/year

Intermediate Individual

18 years and including 21 years old.

Frequent Questions

  • Does a membership give me playing privileges at both courses?

    Yes! Becoming a member at either Tarry Brae or Lochmor Golf Course gives you playing privileges at both golf courses. You also get preferred tee times, as you will be able to book a tee time a full three days before the general public. A membership with the Town of Fallsburg golf courses is the best deal, as you get two courses at the price of one. Memberships are available.

  • As a member, do I pay less if I participate in a tournament?

    Yes. If you play in a charity tournament, you will still pay your basic member rate, plus the charity cost. This means that if a tournament is $70, and the price to play as a member is $15, you will pay $55 to play. Of course the numbers are different from tournament to tournament, and depending on wether the tournament is on a weekday or a weekend, but you will still pay only the members cost to actually play golf.

  • Other members benefits?

    There are some other great benefits of becoming a member. You will receive a discount in the pro shop, depending on the product. you will also be eligible to play in various tournaments throughout the year. The Brae more and the match against Rondout Country club are just two to name a few that will be an added bonus to becoming a member..

  • When do the Golf Courses open?

    This changes from year to year depending on the weather. Usually we will open one, and then open the next one a week or two later. Again, this is dependent on the weather. We also stay open as long as possible as long as the weather cooperates.

  • What about green maintenance?

    When we do any type of maintenance to the greens, we will not do both courses at the same time if possible. So you should always have a place to play where the greens are running smooth. This may not be possible if there is an issue with the greens, but most of the time, we offset our maintenance to the greens to provide a great place to play year round.

  • What if there is a private tournament, can I still play?

    We will rarely book private tournaments at both courses on the same date. So usually, if one course is booked with an outing, you will be able to play the other. This is true most days out of the year with a few exceptions